Singa Infrastructure

Singa Infrastructure and Mining is an equipment and logistics company focusing on the excavation and movement of natural resources.  Derivative of this process, the formal language of the office uses fluid geometry, layering, and extraction as the basis of its aesthetic.  With this methodology, surfaces of the walls and ceiling are sometimes contoured, sometimes peeled, and sometimes removed to reveal an excavated landscape.  Secondly the programmatic layout is greatly affected by the compact floor plate (22′ x 25′ (550sq’), the scarcity of natural light, and the necessity of both public and private spaces.  Fully enclosed spaces were minimized, clerestory windows were introduced, and multi-functional spaces were created to give an open layout which facilitated natural light within the space, yet provided the desired level of privacy and autonomy.

Finalist Alpha Awards 2016

Location:  Jogeshwari, Mumbai

Client:  Singa Infrastructure and Mining

Area:  900 sq’

Project Year:  2016

Business Nature:  Office

Prime Contractor:  SS Enterprises

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