Monarch Royal

Lying in the valley of the Indrayani River, Monarch Royal, is positioned on flat land, adjacent to a steep slope, and offers open vistas through the valley and towards the lofty mountain peaks beyond. The development is an integration of a large open garden, and 30 private residences. Each residence is comprised of simple geometric volumes that evoke an image of lightness and clarity. The bungalows are infused with fluid open spaces which emphasize the landscape; interconnecting both horizontally and vertically, marrying indoors and outdoors. Throughout the home, large glass openings offer an array of different views towards the nearby gardens and unobstructed panoramic views towards the mountains, valley, and neighboring river. Summer warmth, heavy monsoon rains, and privacy are managed with deep roof overhangs and recessed windows. A large sloped roof canopy serves as governing protector from both sun and rain, while horizontal louvers provide shading and privacy. The open interior of the bungalow allows for views and light to flow uninterrupted through the building. To maximize the size of the private garden and separate the public and private programs of the home, each residence is organized into three levels. The ground level contains all service and social areas; parking, entry, kitchen, living room, dining room, and a large private garden. The first level comprises all guest bedrooms and family room. The second level contains the master suite and roof garden.