Kimberly-Clark Mumbai Office

Archrysalis’, acting as architect and designer for Cushman & Wakefield, proposal for Kimberly Clarke’s new Mumbai office was selected amongst a limited competition. A compact entry lobby greets visitors in corporate blue and complementary surfaces to provide a path towards the work area beyond.  Within, an open floor plan places private offices, meeting rooms, and support amenities along perimeter dead walls, while leaving the common central work area adjacent to the primary day-lighting elevation. Modular 60° workstations provide an organic field next to playful tree-like spirals which mask existing columns.  A multi-layered ceiling, consisting of exposed slab and a gypsum outer soffit demarcates public and private areas while providing both direct and indirect lighting alternatives.  The common open space is decorated with themes, art, and textures congruent with the Kimberly Clark brand.

Not every project is a success. Quickly after the project was awarded and financial commitments were expected, Cushman & Wakefield reneged on the relationship, severed ties with Archrysalis, and appointed a new architect to complete the project.

Location\\ Mumbai

Client\\ Kimberly-Clark

Area\\ 6,000 ft2

Project Year\\ 2016

Business Nature\\ Hygiene products

Main Contractor\\ Cushman & Wakefield

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