Juhu Beach Residence

(Under Construction)

Located on a narrow Mumbai plot in Juhu and neighboring the Arabian Sea, the Kapadia Residence revolves public and private program around an open courtyard. Tying together communal spaces while providing a spatial buffer within a home for two brothers and their mother. Restricted by an existing land covenant with the adjacent neighbor, the home’s full western wall is required to stay windowless. In reaction, the remaining three facades, including those of the courtyard, are filled with the maximum allowable openings. In addition, all service, circulation, and utility requirements, including the elevator, stairs, and toilets, are positioned along the western dead wall; freeing the glazed facades. The courtyard, carved from the collective body of the structure, brings light, air, and vegetation throughout the heart of the home. The primary social spaces of the residence; the living and dining rooms, are uniquely located at opposite ends of the structure; providing two distinct social destinations at ground and sky. The living room is located on the 2nd floor with direct access to the roof terrace above; enjoying primary view towards the city and the sea. The dining room and it’s adjoining kitchen, the main point of reception for delivered goods and hub for the families domestic staff, is located at the main entry and overlooks a modest private garden. An open stair is adjoined to the courtyard, maximizing the central light well, creating a distinct focal point within the structure.