OSH Multipurpose Hall

Serving as the primary venue for parties of various spatial requirements, the OSH Multi-Purpose Hall creates a dynamic interior and exterior setting for the residents of the building society. A new covered entry canopy welcomes guests through a lavish garden of indigenous plantings. The canopy buffers the hall from the entry road with large plantings; creating a secluded outdoor patio at the north. The addition of the rear pavilion in the south completes the framing of the central hall; connecting interior and exterior spaces. The large open air pavilion on a modestly raised podium creates a protected outdoor canopy subtle for informal conversations or orchestrated musical performances. Internally, multicolored felt tilings cover the perimeter walls, individualizing each room, while adding a necessary sound dampening texture to the space. Mimicking a double helix profile, felt bands create the large central chandelier, tying together the hall with a central body and providing diffused light throughout. Finishing the space, an ornate metal grill, running along all the interior walls, creates a band appropriate for tying balloons or hanging celebratory signage.