Boiser Residence

Elevated above a gently sloping hillside, the Boiser Residence meanders through the natural voids of the site, preserving the indigenous landscape and offering an array of cinematic views throughout the property. The residence is a place where one can be completely consumed by nature, yet retain the comforts of a home.
The raised structure preserves the ground floor as a private jungle; shaping the first floor as a gateway to the sites full potential. The holiday home, in the northern countryside of Mumbai, will be constructed over time. Contrary to the traditional approach in the area of constructing one large structure at one particular time, the home is segregated into isolated structures to be realized as funding permits. Each structure (1. main hall and kitchen, 2. bedrooms, and 3. pool and cabana) will be connected with covered walkways which lead through, over, or under the native Chiku trees.