Balandra Bay

The project was to create a tourist destination in this stunningly beautiful but hostile sea desert landscape, hidden in a gulf in the Sea of Cortez, on the west coast of Mexico. The primary challenge of the project was to bring in infrastructure. We came up with an innovative solution to tackle the lack of fresh water and transportation. The idea was to build 4 covered reservoirs up in the natural valleys of the southern hills. The 4 reservoirs would be connected with a canal that would act as a transportation medium as well as produce a cool micro climate in and around the water bodies for tourists to enjoy comfortably. Houses and activity centers would be built along these canals and reservoirs and would serve as a life line for the entire project. Desalination plants would supply to reservoirs and canals. The reservoir dam walls would contain a full service hotel. The hill tops would provide perfect areas to develop a community of bungalows.