Arts in Motion Cafe

Located within a former steel warehouse, the cost effective open air AIM Cafe’ is the social center for students of the dance studio and a public coffee shop for the community of Matunga in Mumbai. In addition to serving beverages and snacks, the Café offers specialized food products. The Café takes up a corner of the large warehouse and was programmatically required to be sectioned off, creating its own unique identity and footprint within an expansive structure. Amalgamating the two requirements, and working within a tight budget, a modular display and storage unit was created; doubling as the wall to demarcate the cafe and providing shelving for the specialty goods available for purchase. The display wall consists of a collection of a single unit boxes (2′ x 2′) repeated in 4 different directions. Able to provide the storage/display requirements with the internal partition, the exterior Cafe’ facade is displayed with herbs and flowers and overlooks the adjacent reclaimed garden.